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Born in Alma, Lac-Saint-Jean in 1952, Guy Fortin developed a passion for the arts growing up. This led him to internships in photography and cinema in Europe while studying fine arts and music at the University of Montreal. Armed with a BA in graphic design, Guy took some time off to teach art and to travel extensively around Europe and North Africa.


After helming his own marketing and communications agency for 26 years, he channeled his energy to other causes. These days, he and his wife are responsible for a care-giving facility, which accommodates adults with intellectual disabilities and various syndromes.


A collector of contemporary art for more than 30 years, he reunited with photography in 2006. His expertise in proxiphotography allows him to explore an invisible universe to the naked eye. He discovered images, which gave him inspiration and freedom to expand his creative range, by embracing Mother Nature. In May 2011, he held his first exhibit to positive reviews.


“Bounded to the path of some memories of my childhood, my background looks like many itineraries, which do not always bring me where I thought I was going. Because my approach is to see what cannot be seen at first sight, the path is sometimes as unknown to me that it is to you, who are looking at my photo-paintings. I invite you to a real meeting, maybe leaving you with more questions than answers.” – Guy Fortin